Is Wake Up Now a Scam? The Break Down!

wake up now scam

If you are reading this article, then you are most likely researching Wake Up Now the company, wondering if it is a scam or pyramid scheme. Maybe you have stumbled across on this page because you are looking for a more in depth look at the products offered by Wake Up Now. Wake Up Now business opportunity is starting to get a lot of influence in the MLM industry. Wake Up Now is currently the #3 ranked MLM Business on in business popularity.  I have looked over the Wake Up Now opportunity and the products offered in the monthly membership. In this article, I will give you the break down on Wake Up Now products and how it could benefit you and give you my personal opinion. Through this review I will provide information to help you determine whether or not this would be a good investment.


A Wake Up Now is a financial wellness company, that was created to help the everyday person gain financial freedom and a residual income. The main focus are three key things, save money, make money, and manage money. A membership costs around $100 monthly ($99.95 to be exact). When you sign up for a Wake Up Now membership you will receive a wake up now back office link. Your back office link will look a lot like this.


Your back office has all the products included in the $100 membership cost. Most people researching Wake Up Now think it is a scam because they do not fully understand the products that are being made available to them. The products that Wake Up Now offer in the back office are taxbot, vacation club, language software, marketplace and discounts, newsstand, and identity theft protection.


wake up now taxbot

Taxbot is a financial planning and organization program, that helps people organize finances and save thousands on their taxes. Taxbot is designed to save you money and time. Use the online website or the Taxbot app. Track your gas mileage with GPS, and receive tax credit (Save 0.56 per mile). No more saving receipts with this program, enter you purchases anytime, anywhere. Taxbot organizes everything and it is ready whenever you need. Wake Up Now finance works with Taxbot helping you become an organization pro. Gone are the days of guessing where your money went. Wake Up Now Finance helps you to set a budget, and track your monthly bills, by simply entering your monthly expenses, and debts owed, lay back and let Wake Up Now Finance do the rest.



How would you like to be on the most beautiful beaches in the world and not break the bank? Wake Up Now Vacation Club is the newest and cheapest way to travel that I have seen by far. No, I am no travel agent or expert. But I do know a fantastic deal when I see one. With the Wake Up Now vacation club you will save up to 80% on top destinations around the world. The Above picture is in booking portal. This is a view of the possible discounts. The search was for a 2 night stay in Miami, FL, on Memorial Day Weekend. Members receive access to hotels, cruises, timeshares around the world for a fraction of the cost. Think of the places you could see with discounts like that! Join Today and Leave Today!



Have you ever wanted to learn a second language? Spanish or maybe even french? How about learning a second language from the comfort of your own home, and on your time? A Wake Up Now membership can do just that with Tell Me More. Tell Me More allows you to master any language. You can learn up to 9 different languages with Tell Me More. English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese and Dutch, are at your finger tips ,whenever it would be convenient for you. I am sure this will not be the most popular product offered in the back office but it is still very interesting none the less.



The savings that you can receive in the market place are amazing! The marketplace is a search engine the is designed to find the best discounts. The above picture is  a view of the marketplace search in action!  Not only do you get over $100 in savings monthly on groceries that you would normally buy, but you also receive discounts on things that you buy everyday like dinner at Red Lobster, or that oil change you have been avoiding for weeks. Wake Up Now also offers discounts to cell phone customers too. Verizon and AT&T customers receive 22% off their monthly bill and T-Mobile customers receive 14%. Save money at the places you already shop like or There is even a page that has nothing but FREE STUFF, yes, you heard me right FREE. Wake Up Now FREE has tons of different items samples, overstock items, from cologne to ebooks, you choose which items you would like, then the products are sent straight to you. Who doesn’t love free stuff?



Like to Read? How about 3 magazines of your choice being sent to your home each month. When you become a Wake Up Now member you receive three monthly magazine subscriptions. Choose from over 150 different magazine subscriptions. A broad selection helps you find the magazines the work for your lifestyle, from ELLE magazine to Entrepreneurs magazine,


wake up now invisus

Do you have the security of Invisus Identity protection? How about having 24/7 identity protection? Invisus includes Cyberhood Watch, iDefend, and iSafe. Cyberhood Watch are online alerts, and resources to teach you about protecting your privacy. iDefend is identity protection, and offers a 25k I.D. theft insurance. iSafe is security checks and cleaning software. Anyone can benefit from computer, and identity protection. This product is nothing but a plus!

Here is an example video of the savings in the Wake Up Now Back Office

Here is a video of the Wake Up Now Office and its features.


I have been doing a lot of research about this company and I must say that I am very impressed with all that it has to offer. The membership may be $100 monthly but with all the money you would save each on food, car repair, cell phone, etc. You make that $100 back plus some! Not only pretty of savings but unlimited protection over yourself and your assets. The membership has a bundle of helpful products, to help make you everyday life run a little more smooth. I believe that the back office was very easy to navigate and could be taught to anyone. Signing up for a company that not only gives you hundreds in monthly savings on things you already use but it can help you use those savings to get your and your family to financial wellness and happiness. If this company has a scam or pyramid scheme I don’t think it would growing as fast as it is. Nor do I believe that the company would be listed on the MLM ranking website.

Thanks for reading!

Deloria Kavanaugh



Do you believe Wake Up Now Opportunity is for you?



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28 thoughts on “Is Wake Up Now a Scam? The Break Down!

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  2. Thanks for the work you put into this Wake Up Now Review. You clearly state all the benefits a member would get should they decide to join with Wake Up Now. I’m glad that you explained thoroughly that wake up now isn’t a scam. The challenge most people face when they come online is not know how to properly market, so when they’re not making $600+ after they’re first month they quit and say wakeupnow is a scam or doesn’t work. You and I both know this isn’t true! Master one or two marketing strategies and continue those practices until you reach your desired income goal. I appreciate your wakeup now review here. Much success

  3. I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you design
    this website yourself or did you hire someone to do
    it for you? Plz reply as I’m looking to design my own blog and would like to find out where u got this from.


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  5. what happens if the person becomes a member and is not using the products 2 a month but is still paying the membership, do u still get paid?

  6. If you become a D3 I thought your membership would be considered free with the $100 bonus you get every month or am I missing something.?

    • You have access to either Wakeupnow Finance or Tax Deduction
      WUN Benefits, up to 22% savings on your phone bill, Cyberhood membership, FREE one year magazine subscription – 1 magazine of choice

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